how to find a sober living home near you

How to Find a Sober Living Home Near You

Recovering from substance abuse requires time, patience, and commitment. People in addiction recovery must stay engaged in their recovery by participating in therapy, support groups, and other activities.

Sober living homes can provide valuable structure and support to people who have completed a rehab program. The accountability and community of a sober living home can be the perfect bridge between rehab and the “real world,” allowing people to practice their relapse prevention skills in a safe environment.

But how can you find a great sober living home near you? As the need for recovery services and treatment has grown, many sober living homes have been developed. Finding a sober living home that can give you the ongoing support you need in a comfortable, homelike setting is important.

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What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are secure, homelike facilities where people in recovery live after completing a rehab program. As the name suggests, sober living homes are free from drugs and alcohol, and residents must follow strict rules prohibiting substance use.

Sober living homes are typically run by people or organizations who set rules and create structure and routine for residents. While commonly unregulated by state or federal guidelines, sober living homes often have strict criteria for admission and residency. Several organizations provide oversight for sober living homes and help create standards and rules for residents. These rules are in place to keep residents safe and to ensure minimal exposure to triggers during early recovery.

What Happens in a Sober Living Home?

Social support and community are essential aspects of a sober living home. Residents benefit from having round-the-clock peer support. People learn how to work together as a group, improve communication skills, and understand that they are not alone in recovery.

Living in a group of peers in recovery also creates accountability, which can help people avoid relapse. Being part of a group where all members have committed to sobriety can help people resist relapse and have better outcomes in recovery.

Residents in sober living homes share communal spaces but have private or semi-private bedrooms. They may prepare meals and eat together, attend 12-step or other group support meetings, and socialize as a group. Residents may be required to work or attend school and are allowed to socialize outside the home.

Some sober living homes have regular drug and alcohol screenings as a condition of residency. In many cases, a staff member will be available 24/7 to answer questions, manage conflicts, or enforce rules.

Common rules and expectations in a sober living home include:

  • Helping to prepare meals
  • Abstain from drug and alcohol use
  • Submit to regular drug testing
  • Attending 12-step meetings
  • Complete chores
  • Attend house meetings

Residents learn to develop and follow daily routines that allow them to work, socialize, exercise, rest, and accommodate all recovery-related activities. They can practice the relapse prevention skills they learned in rehab with the support of their peers and staff.

What to Look for in a Sober Living Near You

Sober living can help you stay committed to your recovery and avoid relapse. Finding high-quality sober living near you is essential.

Here are some signs of a high-quality sober living house.

The home is clean and well-maintained

The home should be well-maintained. Floors and surfaces should be clean, windows and siding should be intact, and the lawn should be mowed. A neglected sober living home is often a sign that it doesn’t provide adequate care or supervision.

Rules and expectations for residents

Residents should feel invested in the group and committed to sobriety. Rules and expectations create good boundaries and a sense of community that is important to recovery.

Regular drug screenings

Regular drug screenings ensure that residents are sober and prevent drugs and alcohol from being brought into the home.

Staff are available

There should always be at least one staff member on the premises. Staff members can help ensure residents follow all rules, answer questions, and provide guidance during conflicts.

Charges rent

A sober living home that claims to be free is too good to be true. Some sober living homes claim they do not charge rent but use dubious insurance practices to gain huge payments. This can cause problems for you down the line. Expect to pay rent at a sober living home, just as you would in an apartment.

Strict admissions criteria

A sober living home that does not have strict admissions criteria may allow people with violent histories or current substance use. Ask about the admission criteria and how they handle evictions. Request to see a typical daily schedule and written house rules and expectations.

How to Find a Sober Living Near You

There are many ways to find a local sober living home. Some steps you can take include:

  • Ask the rehab center you attend for recommendations. Many rehab centers have their own sober living homes or work with sober living homes nearby, and they can help you get situated.
  • Ask your sponsor. If you are part of a 12-Step program and are working with a sponsor, he or she may be able to refer you to a trusted sober home in the area.
  • Search online. A quick Google search will pull up a list of local sober living homes as well as reviews from people who have stayed there. You can research your options and find the best one for you.
  • Get a referral from your therapist. An addiction counselor or therapist can recommend a trusted sober living home that will accommodate your situation.

Find Sober Living Near You Today

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