How Do I Get Started With Sober Living Near Me?

To get started on your journey to sobriety with us, you must understand that our South Florida sober living home has a few simple rules and guidelines in place to ensure your sobriety is protected.

We conduct random urine screens to keep our environment drug-free and conducive to recovery. The residents under our roof will feel increasing levels of personal accomplishments, self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and confidence so that they can progress towards total independence along with a strong foundation in a twelve-step sober living program.

New You Sober Living is designed to help each client as an individual and as a team.

How Do I Get Started?

Things To Remember For You To Begin Your Recovery Journey

Contact a New You Sober Living Specialist by filling out the contact form or call our 24/7 sober support helpline to become instantly connected with one of our care coordinators.

We will assess your situation and provide the best course of action. We work with top-rated intensive outpatient programs (IOP) to provide you with the addiction therapy that you need to further and sustain your sobriety because we are the key to sobriety.

We have a few expectations while you are under our care such as:

  • You should be employed, going to school, doing service work, or volunteer work.
  • Attend regular twelve-step meetings during the week along with having a sponsor.
  • Attend our mandatory family house meetings where you can share your experiences.
  • Abide by our weekly and weekend curfew rules that apply to everyone.
  • Be respectful to the staff, house managers, and your fellow family members.
  • Do your chores to ensure the household is clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.
  • We encourage everyone to engage in the recreational activities we provide.
  • Have fun in recovery and learn how to be productive to fulfill your life in sobriety!

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