5 benefits of men's sober living homes in Broward County

5 Benefits of Men’s Sober Living Homes in Broward County

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease, which means recovery must be consistently maintained to avoid relapse. Unfortunately, the relapse rate for addiction is considerably high, sitting between 40% and 60%.[1] Because of this, you should take advantage of every type of support you can think of.

One of the most vulnerable times for relapse is the transition from a residential treatment center to independent living. Because inpatient treatment shelters you from common triggers, leaving your facility will cause you to experience new struggles that can cause you to crave drugs and alcohol. Thankfully, sober living homes can offer you the structure and support you need to navigate new triggers and stay sober at the same time.

When you are choosing a sober living home, you will have the option to attend a co-ed or gender-specific one. If you are a man, it might be best to choose a men’s sober living home rather than co-ed. Doing so could lessen your chances of being distracted by romance, make it easier for you to open up about your past traumas, and allow you to form meaningful connections with other men.

Additionally, if you choose a sober living home in Broward County, you will have the benefit of being immersed in a booming recovery community and a beautiful environment that offers proximity to the beach.

What are the Top 5 Benefits of Men’s Sober Living in Broward County?

Men’s sober living homes remove distractions related to romantic relationships, which can be extremely triggering during early recovery. Additionally, it can be easier to open up about any trauma you have experienced when you are only in front of your gender. Choosing men’s sober living in Broward County ensures that you have access to a large recovery community outside of your home and offers proximity to the beach, which can be incredibly healing.

Five benefits of men’s sober living in Broward County include:

1. Proximity to a Lively Recovery Community

When you are in sober living, you should be building a community you can rely on for years to come. Whether you are attending 12-step meetings or alternatives like SMART Recovery, Broward County is a great place to start. Because this area of Florida has tons of rehab centers, there are endless options for addiction support groups in the area.

You can find a meeting at any time of the day or any day of the week. You will always have access to support when you need it, making Broward County one of the best places to attend men’s sober living.

2. Access to the Beach

When you are living in a sober home in Broward County, you will be close to the beach. While the beach can be a great time, it also has tons of mental health benefits. According to a study by Health and Place, those who live by the coast report better overall mental health than those who do not.[2]

Choosing a men’s sober living home in Broward County means you can spend your free time soaking up the sun with your peers at some of the best beaches in the country.

3. Less Romantic Distractions

If you are in recovery, you have probably heard someone say you shouldn’t date in the first year. While this might seem strict, there is a good reason behind it.

New relationships can be a confidence boost, however, many of them end in arguments and breakups. Hard times in a relationship can be a major trigger for relapse, as they bring on feelings of sadness, anger, and even abandonment.

By choosing a men’s sober living in Broward County, you will not be living or sharing close quarters with women. As a result, you will feel less tempted to get into a relationship early on.

4. Easier to Open Up About Trauma

Sometimes, men have a hard time opening up about trauma or difficult emotions in front of women. Men’s sober living homes make it easier to share your feelings, as you do not have to worry about impressing women around you. This is extremely beneficial, as your sober living home should be a place where you can get support for the things that are bothering you.

5. Ability to Create Close Relationships With Other Men in Recovery

Lastly, men often have a hard time creating close relationships with one another. This might be due to the stigma surrounding men being “tough” and “not showing weakness”. However, living in a men’s sober living home in Broward County will allow you to create these meaningful relationships without fear of judgment.

Get Connected to a Highly Rated Men’s Sober Living Home in Broward County

If you or a loved one requires support during your transition into independent living, a men’s sober living home in Broward County can help. At New You Sober Living, we create a space for men to keep themselves accountable for their sobriety, learn how to live a normal life, and become successful in their endeavors.

To learn more about our men’s sober living home in Broward County, contact us today.


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