Tips for Having Fun Without Drugs or Alcohol

Sober living homes are houses or apartments where all tenants are inactive recovery. They are a bridge between getting sober and living and staying sober. Transitioning from inpatient treatment to normal life can be overwhelming. Sober living homes are available to provide a safe environment with the structure, support, and direction that a person new in recovery needs.

Sober living homes are drug and alcohol-free and have rules that all residents must abide by. Residents are provided with aftercare treatment services that are necessary for newly recovering addicts and 12-step meetings are a requirement. Individuals will typically have a private or semi-private room to stay in, and the house will usually have accommodations such as a kitchen, laundry, etc. We’ve put together some tips and recommendations for newly sober individuals on what they can go in early recovery.

Fun Sober Activities to Do While in Sober Living

Fun Activities to Do in a Sober Living Environment

Early recovery can be a really difficult time for someone in recovery. Staying busy and enjoying some good sober fun makes it so much easier for recovering addicts to resist any urges to use. Here are some fun sober activities that people in sober living can do:

  1. Bowling – Who doesn’t like to go bowling? Bowling is a fun activity that everyone usually enjoys, and you can even make it competitive.
  2. Going to the Movies – Get a group together and go to the movies or have a movie night in the house. Most everyone can enjoy a good movie every once in a while.
  3. Outdoor Activities – There are a ton of fun outdoor activities that are fun. Go to the beach, kayak, surf, go fishing, take a walk or a hike, or just get outside and enjoy the sun if the weather is nice!
  4. Exercising – Exercise is a great activity for those in early recovery, and it’s a natural mood booster. Join a gym, participate in some dance classes, or getting out of the house and just taking a walk can make you feel so much better while also helping with any post-acute withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing.
  5. Volunteering – Volunteering somewhere in your community is another great activity that is also a good form of therapy. Helping others and giving back to your community gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes you feel good overall!
  6. Sports Events – Attending any local sports events that are going on is another fun group activity.
  7. Concerts – Concerts are great and also a great adrenaline and mood booster; music has been shown to naturally increase dopamine.
  8. Church Groups – Find a local church group and get involved with them. Churches are great for support and they usually have fun activities planned that you can be a part of.
  9. BBQ – There is nothing better than having a good BBQ in the summertime. Gathering around with sober friends, enjoying good food, and talking, and just spending time together.
  10. Reading – Read a good book. Reading is a fun activity to do especially if the weather is bad, and you may be stuck indoors with nothing else to do.
  11. Create Art or Cook/Bake – It’s very fulfilling to be able to do something with your hands such as an art project or cooking/baking. Maybe the house residents can take turns preparing dinner for each other or baking snacks for a movie night.
  12. Take an Educational Course – You could always further your education by taking an online course or learning a trade.

This is only a portion of some fun sober activities that you can do while in sober living. The list could go on and on. What is most important is staying busy and enjoying your time with others that are also in recovery. It’s not easy recovering from addiction, but with a strong desire and determination, anyone can achieve long-term sobriety.

Exciting Sober Living for Addiction And Alcoholism

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