Can You Detox at a Sober Living Home?

According to Wikipedia, drug detoxification is the intervention in a case of physical dependence on a drug. It is the process and experience of a withdrawal syndrome and any treatments for an acute drug overdose.

The National Institute of Health “Overview, Essential Concepts, and Definitions in Detoxification” defines Detox as,

Detoxification is a set of interventions aimed at managing acute intoxication and withdrawal. Supervised detoxification may prevent potentially life-threatening complications that might appear if the patient was left untreated. At the same time, detoxification is a form of palliative care (reducing the intensity of a disorder) for those who want to become abstinent or who must observe mandatory abstinence as a result of hospitalization or legal involvement. Finally, it represents the first contact with the treatment system and the first step to recovery for some patients. Treatment/rehabilitation, on the other hand, involves a constellation of ongoing therapeutic services ultimately intended to promote recovery for substance abuse patients. (NIH)

Three Essential Components of Detox

Evaluation, stabilization, and preparing the patient for entry into treatment. Once an individual has gone through a successful medical detox, they are then ready to start an addiction treatment and the long process of recovery.

Some people will detox in an inpatient treatment program. Detox is often part of the treatment. Once the individual has completed a medical detox, they are then ready to start the actual treatment portion of the program. Others will enter a facility or program to detox and then come out and enter either an intensive outpatient treatment program or a regular outpatient program.

Can You Detox at a Sober Living Home?

Can You Detox at a Sober Living Home?

In general, sober living homes do not have the ability or proper medical staff to detox a person from drugs. Sober living homes are transitional homes for people that are already in recovery. These homes help individuals transition from intensive addiction treatment to being able to live independently once again.

Sober living homes do have eligibility requirements for entry. To be accepted into a sober living home, applicants must be detoxed and ready to work towards long-term sobriety. Some sober living homes will allow you to do the outpatient treatment while you are a resident in the home. All sober living homes have different eligibility requirements, so it’s important to determine what the house’s entry requirements are before completing an application.

Sober Living homes have rules in place to help their residents stay on track to long-term sobriety. These homes help individuals develop healthy living habits and prevent their residents from engaging or substituting addictions. The rules are designed to protect all of the home residents, and each person must follow the rules to stay and complete the program.

Sober Living for Addiction And Alcoholism

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