Why Do Sober Homes Have Curfew?

Do sober homes, and halfway houses all have curfews? Yes, if a sober home is legitimate and reputable, it will have a strict curfew in place. The guidelines and rules implemented by sober homes have several important purposes, including:

  • To help residents learn how to have some form of structure and routine in their lives.
  • To help residents maintain accountability.
  • To help residents stay sober and continue navigating early recovery.

Thinking back, there was no good reason for me to be out later than 10 pm. If I wanted to break curfew, it was definitely because I was doing something that I should not have been doing (tempting fate by playing pool at a bar with other sober friends or meeting up with a boy, for example). It was a difficult adjustment for me to make at first – especially because I was in my early 20s, and I hadn’t had to abide by a curfew since living in my parent’s house back when I was a teenager.

More About Curfew in Sober Homes

Over time I got used to it, and it didn’t seem like such a bad thing after the first few weeks of adjustment. I eventually began to understand why sober homes implemented a curfew. Over time I began to grow grateful for this set of rules because these rules were helping me stay sober and teaching me how to be a responsible, fully functional adult. If you are looking into sober homes and trying to find one that does not implement a curfew, keep in mind that rules are in place for a reason. If you are serious about staying sober long-term, finding a sober home with a curfew in place is always a good idea.

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Are There Curfews in Sober Homes and Halfway Houses?

What to Expect in a Sober House?

Unlike inpatient rehab programs, sober living houses allow residents to come and go as they please; this helps them ease back into normal life. However, halfway houses do have rules that residents must abide by, which does includes attending group meetings and a curfew.

Sober houses have so many benefits. One of the biggest and most positive benefits is the strong support system a person can develop. When you are in a halfway house you are with other people that want the same thing as you, and that is to achieve a long-lasting recovery. Other benefits include 12-step meetings which help to further create positive relationships, accountability, and a combination of freedom and structure to help the person slowly adjust back to a normal life.

Sober living houses help individuals do several things to guide them through recovery. They can help you find a job, make amends with friends and family or anyone that has been impacted by your addiction, locate housing after treatment, and most importantly, readjust to a normal daily life. They also help identify triggers, relapse prevention, therapy, and the development of healthy coping skills. Furthermore, they will help you create an emergency contact list to use in times of high stress or any sudden stressful situations that may arise.

Treatment for Addiction in Sober Homes and Halfway Houses

The first step to achieving a long-lasting recovery is to get into an inpatient treatment program. Once a person has gone through a successful medical detox, has become stable, and is discharged from inpatient treatment, then the next step would be to locate a sober living house in their area.

There isn’t a shortage of sober living homes, so finding one in your area to best suit your needs should not be a stressful task. Also, any inpatient rehab program would be glad to help a person take this next step in achieving a successful long-term recovery.

Finding a Sober House Near Fort Lauderdale, FL

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