Benefits of South Florida Sober Living

South Florida is deemed one of the best destinations to live in in the world. The wonderful weather and miles of beautiful beaches alone make it worthy of living. In addition, it is a popular tourist area with many fabulous tourist attractions, so there is always something to do.

South Florida has many benefits to enjoy if you are planning on making a move. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Warm and sunny weather – If you do not like cold and snowy weather, South Florida is the place for you. There is plenty of sunshine in South Florida, and the weather is always warm. And what is there not to love about vitamin D? People pay to get artificial sun these days, here you can enjoy it year-round—no more shoveling of snow or worry of icy roads.
  • Beautiful beaches – South Florida’s beaches are beautiful and make the city a popular place to live.
  • No individual income tax in Florida – One of Florida’s greatest benefits is not collecting individual income tax. Florida is one of the seven states that does not have an individual income tax. Depending on which state you are coming from, this could potentially save you thousands of dollars a year in tax money alone.
  • Incredible dining and restaurants in South Florida – South Florida’s food is some of the most incredible. There are various ethnicities of food and hundreds of restaurants with amazing views of and on the water. You are spending a relaxing evening surrounded by water, eating a great meal. Amazing!
  • Florida has a lot of asset protection advantages – Which is not just a benefit of the wealthy. You do not have to fear losing any property to a creditor or lawsuit because of the laws in Florida. South Florida has property protection advantages such as personal property protection, homestead creditor protection, and tenancy by the entirety.
  • A vast array of golf and tennis courses – If you enjoy golfing or playing tennis, South Florida has some of the best country clubs in the United States. Of course, golfing is not for everyone, but many other activities one can enjoy in Florida.
  • Fishing – If you like to fish, Florida is full of lakes and oceans to enjoy either salt or freshwater fishing. Not much on fishing; who does not enjoy spending time on the water in a boat? A great relaxing end to a long work week.

South Florida is not only a popular place for people of retiring age, but it is also considered the recovery capital of the world. It is a peaceful and serene environment that makes it easy for anyone to adjust in.

Benefits of South Florida Sober Living

South Florida’s Safe Sober Living Environments

South Florida is known as a vibrant recovery community with its safe, peaceful, and nurturing environment. It is highly supportive of recovering addicts, and there are hundreds of halfway houses, sober restaurants, clubs, coffee houses, and recovery radio shows on every corner.

South Florida has some of the best sober living and drug rehab places in the US. Out-of-state and even international residents are moving to Florida looking for the best treatment facilities and sunny skies.

There are numerous benefits to South Florida Sober Living. Here are some of those benefits:

  • The climate all year round is favorable, it is a relaxing natural environment, and one has easy access to the beach, sun, sand, and surf.
  • The environment in South Florida is one of healing. People feel less institutionalized being near a beach. This makes a recovery a more positive experience and contributes to an overall sense of hope and well-being.
  • South Florida has a rapidly growing, huge, and supportive recovery community that makes it easier for new individuals to connect with others to help them stay sober and avoid relapse.
  • There are hundreds of weekly AA meetings available all over South Florida.
  • There are numerous jobs available so that you can get back on your feet in no time.

Sometimes the best thing an addict can do for their recovery is get away from their old environment and completely start over. Then, the chance of long-term recovery and avoiding relapse is a lot greater. Unfortunately, some people come to South Florida for treatment only and leave after getting a good grounding in their recovery. Still, many people end up making South Florida their permanent home.

Sober Living for Addiction and Alcoholism in South Florida

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