Where to Find a Co-Ed Sober Living in Oakland Park, FL

Where to Find a Co-Ed Sober Living in Oakland Park, FL

Drug addiction and alcoholism are incredibly common in the United States. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 48.7 million people struggled with a substance use disorder in 2022.[1]

While completing an addiction treatment program is a huge accomplishment, recovery does not end there. One of the most vulnerable times during your recovery is the transition from rehab to independent living. During this time, you will be exposed to new triggers and stressors, causing you to be at risk of relapse.

Thankfully, sober living homes are available to ease this transition and keep you on track. Sober living homes can either be gender-specific or co-ed. If you want to live in a home with other men and women recovering from addiction, a co-ed sober living program in Oakland Park might be right for you.

During this article, you will learn:

  • What co-ed sober living is
  • Where you can find a co-ed sober home in Oakland Park
  • Why you should choose New You Sober Living

What is Co-Ed Sober Living?

Co-ed sober living homes are a type of transitional housing that helps both men and women maintain their recovery from addiction. These housing opportunities offer the same services as gender-specific sober living programs. The only difference is that any gender can live in a co-ed home, making them more inclusive for many different types of people.

Co-ed sober living programs like New You require the following of their residents:

  • Avoiding drug and alcohol use and submitting to random drug testing
  • Sticking to a set curfew each night
  • Remaining respectful of your housemates
  • Participating in house meetings, daily chores, and social events
  • Refraining from inviting overnight guests
  • Maintaining attendance at a job or school
  • Meeting weekly requirements for attendance of recovery support groups like 12-step meetings
  • Continuing to attend therapy and partake in your recovery maintenance techniques
  • Avoiding romantic or sexual relationships with your housemates
  • Paying your rent on time and contributing to groceries in the home

While staying in a co-ed sober home, you will receive assistance for all of the aspects of life that make recovery possible. Whether you need supportive advice, help in creating a daily schedule, or rules to keep you accountable for your recovery, a co-ed sober home in Oakland Park can support you.

Where Can You Find a Co-Ed Sober Home in Oakland Park?

If you are thinking about attending a co-ed sober home in Oakland Park, you might be wondering where to find one. At New You Sober Living, we offer co-ed housing opportunities for those in recovery. In other words, you’ve come to the right place if you are in search of a co-ed sober home.

New You Sober Living has two options: men’s sober living and co-ed sober living. While our men’s home is located in Fort Lauderdale, our co-ed program is in the heart of Oakland Park.

Our co-ed sober home offers a safe environment for men, women, and non-binary individuals to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism. Whether you have 30 days or a year sober, we can help you stay on track in your recovery.

Why Should You Choose New You Sober Living?

New You Sober Living offers a reputable and highly-rated co-ed sober living home. We can help you transition from an inpatient facility to independent living seamlessly. Understanding the benefits of our sober home can motivate you to seek the help you need.

The benefits of living in a co-ed sober home at New You Sober Living include:

  • Experienced Managers – We hire managers to live on-site 24/7, which means you always have someone to go to if you have a problem or need support. Additionally, all of our managers have either professional or personal experience with addiction recovery, making them qualified to assist you.
  • Rules that Promote Accountability – Our sober living homes require you to attend weekly 12-step meetings, regularly drug tests, and enforce nightly curfews. These rules will help you stay focused on your recovery and develop a healthy schedule to keep up with in your daily life.
  • Assistance for Life Skills – At New You Sober Living, we will help you acquire bus passes, driver’s licenses, and social security cards, and teach you budgeting skills along with time management.
  • A Compassionate and Safe Environment – Lastly, New You Sober Living creates a compassionate and safe environment that will allow you to feel comfortable being vulnerable with staff members and your peers. This fosters a sense of community that is necessary for long-term recovery from addiction.

Get Connected to a Top-Rated Co-Ed Sober Living Program in Oakland Park

If you or a loved one are transitioning out of inpatient treatment, you should consider attending a sober home. New You Sober Living is here to help you learn how to live a sober and independent life while you are transitioning out of an institution setting.

Under the guided and compassionate care of New You Sober Living, our clients live together as a community and family. We promote community involvement and raise awareness about the disease of addiction.

Contact us today for more information on our co-ed sober living program in Oakland Park, FL.


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