Sober Living Fort Lauderdale

Recovering from substance abuse is a long and hard process. Sober living houses in Fort Lauderdale provide transitional care for people coming out of treatment. They are semi-structured places for individuals to continue getting support for their addiction while learning how to live a sober life. Sober living houses help people get ready to go back out into the real world drug and alcohol-free.

The International Journal of Self-Help and Self-Care says:

Grounded in the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, the SLH provides residents with settings designed to support peer-based recovery; further, these settings operate in a community context that insists on sobriety and strongly encourages attendance at 12-step meetings. (NIH)

Fort Lauderdale has a booming recovery community and is located near some beautiful beaches. Residents can recover in a relaxing environment, while developing a strong support system, to help them continue on the path to long-lasting sobriety.

What Does Sober Living Fort Lauderdale Look Like

What Does a Day in Sober Living Fort Lauderdale Look Like?

The environment a person is in while recovering from substance abuse is one of the most important keys to maintaining sobriety. Sober living houses in Fort Lauderdale are located in some breathtaking areas. Finding a facility to fit the needs of each individual can sometimes be difficult, but by doing a little research and pre-planning, a person can easily find out what each facility provides and what their responsibilities would be while living there.

Sober living houses in Fort Lauderdale are less restrictive than regular treatment programs. Residents can work, go to school, and enjoy social functions or time away as long as they are doing their required counseling, meetings, and contributing to the house chores.

Sober living houses in Fort Lauderdale do have rules that all residents must abide by. Some of these rules may include:

  • Staying sober
  • Agreeing to random drug and alcohol testing
  • Contributing to the house chores
  • No fighting, violence, stealing, or destruction of property
  • Adhering to a strict curfew
  • Attending all house meetings and any other appointments
  • Securing a job and working towards becoming independent
  • Eventually securing living arrangements outside the SLH environment

Sober houses in Fort Lauderdale also require residents to pay for their food, living expenses and rent each month. The amount required depends on the area and particular house. All of this helps those in recovery learn responsibilities and also learn how to manage their money.

The #1 most important thing to remember when transitioning to a sober living house is that staying committed to your sobriety. There will be challenges you will face along the way, but remember to take it one day at a time. Learning more about yourself and reconnecting with loved ones while living life to the fullest should be exciting for you!

This is the last step to full independence and the road to long-lasting recovery.

Transitional Care for Fort Lauderdale Sober Living Residences

If you or someone you love is looking for a premier, co-ed sober living facility in FortLauderdale, we would love to have you here at New You Sober Living. New You Sober Living treats everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve. We will help get you on the path to leading a successful long-term recovery, and our facility is beachfront so you can relax and find your inner self. Our team of specialists is available around the clock to assist you, so give us a call today.