What Happens If You Fail Drug Tests During Sober Living?

Sober living homes provide a safe place to live for someone coming out of traditional rehab that may not be ready to go back out into the real world. They also provide additional support in a structured environment to help make the transition back into a regular “normal” life much easier.

Now, sober living homes are more lenient than inpatient rehabs. You can leave the facility during the day, but each house has a set of rules that residents must agree to and abide by when moving in.

What Happens If You Fail a Drug Screen in Sober Living?

Rules in Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes have rules to help keep residents safe, support the recovery process, and help residents build sober lifestyles. Some of the common rules that most homes will require can include:

  • No alcohol or drugs on the premises unless it is a prescription medication.
  • Residents must pay rent and their living expenses.
  • Household meetings and weekly chores are a requirement.
  • Residents must have completed detox and rehab and continue therapy and 12-step meetings at the house.
  • Residents must sleep at the house, usually five nights a week. Any passes out must be approved by the house manager.
  • Residents must be accountable for their whereabouts when not on the property.
  • Residents must abide by the house curfew.
  • Residents aren’t allowed to have overnight guests.
  • Residents must be respectful and mindful of other housemates and the house staff.
  • Usually, no pets are allowed.

Another rule that some sober living homes may have is a zero-tolerance policy for any substances, and residents may be asked to provide a drug screen at any time.

What Happens If You Fail a Drug Test During Sober Living?

Every sober living home is going to be different when it comes to its policies on drug testing. Most everyone in recovery and that works in the recovery field understands that relapse is “part of recovery”; it happens. How you handle it after the fact is what’s important. If you have relapsed, it’s important to go and talk with the house manager as soon as possible and let them know what happened before you get popped with a drug screen and fail. If you take it to the first, most likely, they will help you get back on the right track.

Can You Get Kicked Out of a Sober Living Home?

If you are in a sober living home with a zero-tolerance policy and fail a drug screen, you may be asked to leave the premises immediately. You may be eventually allowed to return, but you would have to start all over, and any privileges you may have earned would be lost. Remember that this isn’t a personal attack against you. Keep in mind, relapsing could put the entire house in jeopardy, and sober living homes are supposed to be a safe place for all residents. Having a resident high or drunk creates an unsafe environment for everyone.

Stay Honest In Your Recovery

Don’t try to hide anything. Part of the recovery process is learning to be honest with yourself and others and admit when you are wrong or have made a mistake. Admitting you are wrong will go over much more smoothly than trying to cover it up.

Transitional Care for Addiction And Alcoholism

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