What is a Fort Lauderdale Recovery Home?

The term recovery home is a broad term that includes sober living houses and halfway houses. A Fort Lauderdale recovery home is a safe, healthy, and substance-free living environment that supports individuals in recovery from addiction. Most recovery homes in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and throughout the area are centered on sober support, fellowship, and connecting to addiction recovery services, however, each residence varies widely in structure.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the recovery home or sober living model cannot be understated in its benefits of keeping people clean and sober the first three to six months:

For newly sober people, recovery housing can provide time and support as they learn how to sustain long-term recovery. The recovery residence model is gaining momentum nationwide. Recovery homes are increasingly viewed as a viable and cost-effective alternative to established recovery-oriented systems of care. These homes are a good alternative because they provide safe and healthy environments that support residents in their recovery. These communities empower people by providing support as they transition towards living independent and productive lives in their respective communities. Recovery homes offer a unique alternative to harm reduction—a component of the Housing First model—for individuals whose main goal is to find a sober living environment. (SAMSHA)

Recovery homes near Fort Lauderdale, FL are an excellent option for someone that is coming out of an inpatient or outpatient treatment program or even an intensive outpatient program and doesn’t feel quite ready to step back out into the real world.

Recovery Homes Near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Advantages Because of Recovery Homes in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Recovery homes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are very effective for helping an individual sustain long-term recovery. They have been associated with several positive outcomes including:

  • Higher-income
  • Increased chances of unemployment
  • Improved family functioning
  • Lower incarceration rates
  • Decreased chances of substance use
  • Lower risk of relapse
  • Increased accountability

Fort Lauderdale FL recovery residences help recovering addicts develop a much larger support system. Having more people that you can spend time with and that can relate to what you are going through is a huge part of recovery. Going to 12-step meetings is a requirement when living in a Fort Lauderdale recovery home and is a great way to meet new sober friends and stay connected with a strong sober support group.

Treatment for Addiction or Alcoholism

The first step to achieving a long-lasting recovery is to get into either an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Once a person has gone through a successful medical detox, has become stable, and is discharged from treatment, then the next step would be to locate a recovery home in their area. There isn’t a shortage of recovery homes, so finding one in your area to best suit your needs should not be a stressful task. Also, any inpatient rehab program would be glad to help a person take this next step in achieving a successful long-term recovery.

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