Reasons for Going to a Halfway House After Treatment

Addiction is a complex brain disease. For many that suffer, getting sober is the easy part, staying sober, well that is a different story. Rehab helps an addict detox, teaches them about the disease of addiction, introduces them to 12-step meetings, support groups, individual therapy, and relapse prevention. Rehab does not teach an individual how to stay sober and live sober. This is where sober homes and halfway houses come into play, especially after addiction treatment. There are many reasons for going to a sober home after drug rehab when this transitional period for relapse is the riskiest and dangerous.

Reasons for Going to a Sober Home After Rehab

What is Considered a Good Sober Home After Rehab?

A sober home is a drug-free, structured housing unit for an individual coming out of rehab or prison. Also called sober living, sober homes teach a person in recovery how to become independent while maintaining sobriety.

The National Institute of Health talks about The History and Evolution of the Sober Living House Model:

The earliest models of SLH’s began in the 1830s and were run by religious institutions such as the YMCA, YWCA, and Salvation Army. These “dry hotels” or “lodging houses evolved in part out of the Temperance Movement, which sought ways for individuals to overcome social pressures to drink. These Temperance-based SLH’s tended to be run by operators and landlords who had strong personal convictions about sobriety. Unlike many contemporary SLH’s, residents generally had little input into operations of the facility, and landlords/operators frequently encouraged attendance at religious services. (NIH)

Sober homes have been around for years, and have a long history of success in the United States as the stepping stone between addiction treatment and transitioning back into the real world. Back in the ’70s, the need for them increased and continues to do so today. Sober homes are a lot different today than what they were in the past, but the benefits have remained constant, and there are many reasons for going to a halfway house after addiction treatment.

Benefits of Sober Living After Completing a Drug Rehab Program

Going to a sober home after rehab increases a person’s chances of maintaining long-term recovery. Here are some of the other benefits of sober homes:

  • Constant Support and Guidance – Loneliness puts an addict at a huge risk for relapse. In a sober living environment, you are surrounded by people that are going through the same things you are. You have constant support and guidance, and you can build a support group and have people help to keep you accountable. 12-step meetings are usually a requirement, so you can meet people that also wish to stay sober and strengthen their recovery.
  • Gain Independence – Sober homes help people in recovery get their independence back. They will help you find a job and teach you important life skills. You will learn how to better manage your money, pay bills, maintain a home, and other practical skills that you need to be able to take care of yourself.
  • Smoother Transition Back to a Normal Life – For most addicts, coming straight out of rehab and trying to go back to a normal life while staying sober is very difficult. Sober homes make for a much easier transition back into mainstream life. They help individuals ease back into society and the real world. Sober homes bridge the gap between rehab and real life.
  • Relapse Prevention – One of the greatest benefits of a sober home is a safe place to live without the temptation to relapse. A sober home is a new place away from all of the old people, places, and things, to get a fresh start in life. Sober homes are drug-free and do give drug screens when residents return for the night.

Reintegrating back into life after years of substance abuse and rehab can be very overwhelming, uncomfortable, and difficult. It is much easier to slip back into old behaviors before achieving a new way of life free of substances. Sober homes can help individuals to better achieve long-term sobriety.

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