How Can I Get Kicked Out of a Halfway House?

Early recovery can be one of the most physically and mentally draining experiences. Those that complete a treatment program and then enter a transitional living home or halfway house need a safe and stable drug-free environment to process, work on their recovery, and learn how to live a sober life. Halfway houses help recovering addicts and alcoholics slowly transition back into everyday life.

A Strict Set Of Rules in Halfway Houses

According to the Addiction research and theory published by the National Institute of Health says:

Polcin et al suggested sober living houses were an underutilized housing option for a variety of individuals with addictive disorders, including those completing residential treatment, attending outpatient treatment, being released from criminal justice incarceration, and seeking non-treatment alternatives to recovery. SLHs offer alternative alcohol- and drug-abstinent living environment for individuals attempting to establish or maintain sobriety. Residents are free to come and go during the day and are not locked into a group schedule, as is typical in most treatment programs. This allows residents to pursue activities vital to recovery such as finding work or attending school. (NIH)

 As stated by the NIH, halfway houses do allow residents to come and go as they please, but they also have a strict set of rules and guidelines that residents must abide by. But the question is, can halfway houses kick you out for breaking the rules?

Can Halfway House Owners Kick You Out?

Halfway House Rules That Can Be Broken

When a person enters a halfway house they are given a set of house rules. Rules can vary depending on each facility, but some of the common rules usually are:

  • Residents must stay sober.
  • Individuals must contribute to the house and do chores.
  • People must adhere to a curfew.
  • Residents must attend house meetings and 12-step meetings.
  • Individuals must be actively looking for a job.
  • No violence or fighting towards other residents.
  • No stealing or destroying another resident’s property.

An individual that moves into a halfway house must agree to adhere to the terms of the house rules. Any violation of these rules could result in consequences such as paying a fine, making amends, or being asked to leave the house.

Can You Get Kicked Out of a Halfway House?

Yes, you can get kicked out of a halfway house. Halfway houses are an extension of treatment. It is considered to be a residential treatment program. In a halfway house or sober living facility, individuals are patients, not tenants. Most likely when they first move into the facility, they are asked to sign an agreement saying that they will abide by the house rules.

If any rules are broken they will be held accountable and could be removed from the program and asked to leave the facility. Rules are put into play in halfway houses for a good reason. These rules help residents to have some structure and accountability. Without them, in place, old behaviors and the chaos of addiction could continue.

Halfway Houses for Addiction and Alcoholism

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