How to Choose a Family-Orientated Sober Living Program?

All sober living homes are different; they aren’t all created equal. However, all sober living homes have the same ultimate goal. That is to help people in recovery successfully transition from treatment back out into the real world. Sober living homes provide structure, support, and the accountability necessary to help individuals stay sober and stay on the right track in their recovery while leading a normal and productive life.

There are countless sober living homes available across the country. However, choosing the right one for you can be difficult, so it does require some research beforehand.

Choosing a Family-Orientated Sober Living Program

You have just completed treatment and have decided to move on to a sober living home. How do you choose the right sober living program, and how do you find family-orientated ones? Consider the things below when looking for the right program for you. 

  • Certification – Look for the program’s certification(s).
  • Services Offered – The services offered at home should fit your needs. For example, do you need access to medical services, or are you interested in certain therapies like equine therapy?
  • Level of Support – What level of support do you require or think is necessary for you to have the best success? Do you need 24-hour supervision and a highly structured program?
  • Specialized Sober Living – Do you want a family-orientated program or LGBTQ, young adult, or maybe veteran-specific house? 
  • Licensed Clinical Staff – It’s important to choose a low resident-to-staff ratio program so that you are getting the care and support you need. 
  • Restriction Phases – Consider a program that disciplines or resets you after a relapse or exposure to some of your triggers. Especially if it has continued to happen.
  • Mandatory Support Groups – Programs with mandatory 12-step meeting attendance are very important.
  • Program Size – Some people may need smaller program sizes for the greatest success. 

Also, consider your specific triggers and the location of the sober living program that you are looking at. People, places, and things are all very important to consider. Getting into a program that is in or close to the neighborhood that you were once involved in active addiction is going to be very difficult to stay sober and away from. Individuals who are still in active addiction and do not desire to be clean will usually do anything to drag you back down into their misery, especially if they were in your old circle. Your safety is of utmost importance here. 

Other Steps That Are Important When Choosing a Family-Oriented Sober Living Program

When choosing a location, other things to consider are whether it is close to your work or school, if applicable. Is the neighborhood safe? Are there grocery stores and food places that are close or within walking distance? Some of the other steps that are important when choosing a family-oriented sober living program are:

  • Visit the Sober Living Home – Take the time to go and visit the home you are thinking about choosing. Get a feel for the atmosphere and whether or not you feel comfortable and safe there. Take a good friend with you to help you observe the location. 
  • Check Into the Rules For Residents – Find out their policies on drug testing, drugs allowed into the home, specifically prescription drugs, visitor policies, one-on-one peer counseling, 12-step meeting policies, social activities, and their romantic relationship policy.
  • Meet the Staff – Learn everything you can about the staff of the home. What their qualifications are and if they keep residents accountable. Make sure there is a staff member on-site when you visit. If there isn’t, that may not be a good sign. Also, is the staff here in recovery themselves?
  • Look Into the Financial Requirements – How much do they charge monthly to live there?
  • Choose a Program That Has a Flexible Length of Stay – Most people aren’t going to know right off the bat how long they will need in a sober living home. So it’s important to have the flexibility to stay as long as you need to.

One last thing that’s very important when choosing a family-oriented sober living home is to look for any red flags. Some of the things to watch for are a rundown, dirty, or unsafe home. A home that doesn’t adhere to regular inspections. One that has no admission requirements or no rules and claims to be free. A program that doesn’t have any staff or unqualified staff and doesn’t require drug testing. You deserve a safe, sober, and high-quality home to live in!

Sober Living Homes for Addiction And Alcoholism

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