Transitional Living and the Benefits to Addiction Recovery

When an addicted man or woman has finally accepted and admitted they have a problem, usually the first step is getting into an inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment program. If medical detox is required due to a physical dependence on a substance, then inpatient is the best course of action. An initial treatment program teaches the addict how to live their life without substances. A treatment plan, group meetings, individual counseling sessions, and 12-step meetings are all part of the process in recovery.

After a person finishes their inpatient or outpatient treatment, what if they don’t feel like they are ready to go back home, they don’t have a place or a safe place to go, or maybe they aren’t sure if they can stay sober, what are their options? A transitional living facility is a good option. Transitional living provides a person in recovery an extended period to learn how to live a sober life. Relapse prevention, additional 12-step meetings, and support groups, with a limited amount of structure.

Relapses Are High Without Transitional Living Supervision

When it comes to relapses once you leave addiction treatment, there is information given by the National Institutes of Health that shows how transitional living can help you stay sober and in recovery:

For individuals with chronic substance abuse problems, long-term residential substance abuse treatment provides intensive services combined with safe housing and assistance with daily living. Residential treatment has shown modest improvement in post-discharge substance use outcomes. Yet, relapse following discharge is common and may deplete or reverse improvements made during treatment. In clinical studies, rates of relapse (e.g., substance abuse, hospitalization, incarceration, readmission to residential treatment) following residential treatment range from 37% to 56% within the first year of discharge. Although engagement in aftercare services has been shown to help maintain the gains achieved during residential treatment, only about half make initial contact with outpatient care, and very few complete the recommended duration of aftercare services. (NIH)


Transitional living does not only help you stay sober but also offers many benefits in early recovery to help avoid a relapse. Once you leave detox or treatment, you’re often not ready to yet face the real world, and this crucial transitional period is very important for strengthening your sobriety.

Does Transitional Living Help You Stay Sober?

Benefits of Transitional Living in Early Recovery

The number one and most important benefit of transitional living near me is that it does increase the chances of a person in recovery maintaining their sobriety. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Being able to gradually ease back to living life in the real world with new tools that they have learned.
  • Transitional living facilities provide a stable and safe environment away from any negative influences.
  • There is onsite support at sober living homes. Also, the individual will have the chance to meet other people in recovery that want to stay sober as well.
  • Transitional living facilities provide a structure that supports healthy living habits. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises at any time.
  • Sober living homes encourage the use of refined communication and behavioral skills.
  • The individual has helped with and the chance to start working again. They can also slowly reconnect with family and engage in other healthy and fun activities at a comfortable pace. It can be very overwhelming to take everything in at once.

Transitional living near me has been proven to help improve work, mental health symptoms, and substance use for residents at 6 months after treatment. They do increase the chances of someone in recovery staying sober.

Transitional Living Near Me for Addiction And Alcoholism

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