Can You Leave a Halfway House?

Would you or a loved one have to stay in a halfway house during the entire recovery period, or is it possible to leave whenever you want?

Benefits of Out-of-State Sober Living Homes

It can be very beneficial to go to an out-of-state sober living home. The new environment can be very refreshing and help you stay sober.

What Does It Mean To Be Completely Sober?

Do you or a loved one have an addiction to drugs for so long, you forget what it means to be completely sober?

Types of Sober Living Homes

If you or a loved one are looking for a sober living home it is good to know what the different types there are of them.

Can You Detox at a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes are for people who are already in recovery, so it is not likely that you can detox while at a sober living home.

Do Sober Living Homes Accept MAT Patients?

Since MAT replaces one drug with another, most sober living homes do not accept MAT patients. However, this is beginning to change.

Benefits of South Florida Sober Living

Sober living in South Florida has many benefits. Florida is a great place to live with beautiful beaches and a reputation as a vacation spot.

Is a Sober Life a Better Life?

There is no question that a sober life is a better life. Not only for your health but your happiness. Do not use drugs to escape anymore.