What is a Halfway House?

Halfway houses are homes for individuals with drug abuse/addiction issues and/or criminal backgrounds to learn the necessary skills for integrating back into society. They teach addicts how to better support and care for themselves and become self-sufficient. Halfway houses bridge the gap between getting sober and learning how to stay and live a sober life.

Can You Visit Someone in a Halfway House?

Halfway House Visitation Rules

You can visit someone in a halfway house, however, they do have rules that must be followed. Each halfway house will have its own set of specific rules regarding visitations. For example, depending on the situation there may be rules regarding where the visitation can take place. Also, there are normally only certain hours you can visit.

Typical hours may be weekdays from 9 to 5 with special hours in the evening or on weekends. And, halfway houses generally will have rules in regards to what items you can bring. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to bring any drugs, alcohol, or weapons. There may also be rules on bringing tobacco products. To get the visitation rules for the halfway house you are wanting to visit, it would be best to call the facility ahead of time and ask for their policies on visitation.

When visiting a friend or family member that is living in a halfway house, there are a lot of things to take into consideration and keep in mind before your visit. If your loved one’s facility requires a scheduled visit, make sure you arrive on time for your visit. Residents usually stay pretty busy in these facilities, if you arrive late, you will be taking away from their recovery. Also, if you schedule a visit, make sure you show up for the visit. Most likely your loved one is looking forward to seeing you, if they are expecting you to visit, and you don’t show, this could be a trigger for them.

Other Things to Consider When Visiting a Loved One in a Halfway House

Remember people in halfway houses are usually in early recovery. They are still learning about their addiction and how to cope and live life without drugs or alcohol. Right now they need your love and support more than anything else, so encourage them and leave the negativity at home. Focus on the present and taking things one day at a time.

As tempting as it may be, bringing up anything about the future could overwhelm them, and this could be another trigger. Also, do not bring any drama or family drama during your visit. This visit should not be a stressful encounter for your loved one. Respect that they are going through a lot right now and their main focus is recovery and staying sober.

Expect to notice a change in your loved one; addiction completely changes people. They are probably going to look different physically, and they will be a different person mentally and emotionally. Don’t forget that recovery takes time and relapse is a possibility. Don’t give up on them, they need you!

Halfway House for Addiction And Alcoholism

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