Are There Curfews in Sober Homes and Halfway Houses?

You may be interested in sober homes or halfway houses and want to know if there are curfews there and If they do, find out why?

Do Sober Living Homes Accept MAT Patients?

Since MAT replaces one drug with another, most sober living homes do not accept MAT patients. However, this is beginning to change.

Can You Stay Sober Without Doing Transitional Living?

Transitional living provides a person in recovery an extended period to learn how to live a sober life. Without this, is staying sober possible?

Fun Sober Activities to Do While in Sober Living

The fact that you live sober, does not mean you can’t participate in fun, lively activities. We’ve put together a few options on the table.

Benefits of South Florida Sober Living

Sober living in South Florida has many benefits. Florida is a great place to live with beautiful beaches and a reputation as a vacation spot.

Can You Have a Car in Sober Living?

In terms of being allowed to have a car while living in sober housing, each sober home has its own rules. It is usually allowed, but with restrictions. 

Is a Sober Life a Better Life?

There is no question that a sober life is a better life. Not only for your health but your happiness. Do not use drugs to escape anymore.

What Happens If You Fail a Drug Screen in Sober Living?

As far as drug screen policies go, each sober living home is different. When you fail once, the consequences vary per transitional rehab.

Can Halfway House Owners Kick You Out?

Halfway houses help recovering addicts slowly transition back into everyday life. What if you break the rules? Can you get kicked out?